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Ho to Check for Breast Cancer Presence

Breast cancer is a growing threat facing many women in the world. It is good news to learn that it is a treatable form of cancer. When you feel like you may be at risk, you need to take certain steps to be sure, and to seek medical intervention as soon as possible.

Breasts serve an important function in your body, which is eh you need to take care of them. You, therefore, need to know when it is right to visit the clinic. It may be a scary time, but one you need to work on to be sure you are not adversely affected with. Changes in your breasts is not a conclusive evidence of cancer. This shall be the case with a medical assessment.
You may feel a lump, especially if it is unevenly shaped, harder than normal breast lumps. If they are moving about, you need to get to a breast clinic as soon as possible.

You should also note any changes in the appearance of the breasts. As much as your breasts are unique in appearance, changes in that appearance are not a normal and common occurrence. The fact that you know how they normally look means that you will detect when something is off about them. Those changes may not be cancerous, but you need to be certain.

You need to be concerned when the nipple starts leaking. You can only not worry about the leaking nipples if you are currently or were recently breastfeeding. You need to have that discharge tested for them to tell you if it is cancerous. If it is bloody, smelly, or heavy, then you need to be even more concerned.

If the breasts turn red or sore, you should be worried. It may turn out not only be an infection, where the doctors will give you medication for that. It could also be due to cancer, in which case they shall know what to do. If you see some other changes on the skin on it, like growing harder, thicker, and feeling different, you need to worry.

You should also go to the clinic if your nipples develop a rash, crust or other abnormal changes. Your nipples normally behave in a certain way which you have grown accustomed to over the years. This will be helpful when you need to know if there is a problem. Nipples shifting position on the breast, or puckering inwards, should be tested. You need to keep checking the state of your nipples, to catch any symptoms early enough.

You need to be vigilant to the changes your breasts go rough. Early detection has been known to lead to better results and a faster response to medication. It may not be cancer after all, but you will know once you get tested.

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